If you have gotten this far i'm sure you'll have realised i'm not into posed pictures, I'm obsessed with capturing relaxed and natural shots. I would much prefer a picture that means something to someone and tells a story than one that is perfectly set up and quite easy to tell it's been made to look that way (albeit some posed pictures can look awesome in the right situation).

Wedding photography is different all over the world but I certainly feel blessed to live in Somerset and have so many wonderful venues around me. I work closely with several venues in somerset and I always feel like I am pushing myself to improve my work. If i'm not at a wedding or editing in the office you can usually find me with my camera and the dog wandering through the countryside

Meeting new brides and grooms, seeing new wedding venues and getting involved with the local businesses in somerset are what drives me and honestly I couldn't wish for a more enjoyable job, there is never a day I wake up and don't want to go to work.

Anyway I could rattle on for hours about photography and weddings, if you're interested in finding out more about me and letting me hear all the details about your wedding please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


Andrew :) 

PS - If you still haven't found a wedding venue, take a look at my Somerset Wedding Venue - Definitive guide.

Andrew Jewell

It is my role to capture memories. 
To reflect the soul and spirit your day.

The trust you place in me to do this fills me with a pride that is hard to replicate and, for me, there is no better job satisfaction than making people happy.

My job is not all ‘About Me’. It is about that trust, it is about my camera and your day, working together to reproduce those memories. 

When I press that little black button, it captures a piece of time, holds onto those emotions when they may otherwise have been lost, and burns them onto film for you to revisit for the rest of your lives.

What it is about a photograph that makes you smile? Is it the camera model? clarity? or the number of colours? I imagine it's the emotion :)

Film will express emotion, and recapture it fully without the need for fifty million pixels. Film is where I differ from most.

Film is organic and honest. It is a box and a lens, reaching out to hold onto your memory, keeping it forever.

To get in contact with me please click this link...http://www.andrewjewellphotography.co.uk/contact/